Aggregate infused acrylic screen welcomes visitors at the entrance
Venture Lab Tokyo  
Client NGK SPARK PLUG 品川のオフィスビル群の1フロアに、セラミック企業のレセプションスペース/技術展示スペースを計画した。この施設は企業のコア技術であるファインセラミックスにおける医療、環境、エネルギー、次世代自動車等の分野を中心とした、次世代の技術開発に向けての協業を促す施設である。ここでは長方形平面のオープンスペースに、レセプションスペース、ラウンジスペース、展示スペースを配置し、会議室とVIPルームへのアクセス確保も同時に求められた。
Program Entry+Exhibition Space
Location Tokyo, Japan
Completion 2019.08
Area 260 sqm
Management Hakuhodo
Direction Hakuhodo Product's
Collaboration Kakizoe Architects
Construction Taisei Corporation
Lighting Sugio Lighting Office
Photo Anna Nagai
    Located on the 13th floor of an office tower in Shinagawa, Venture Lab Tokyo is a 260㎡facility dedicated to showcasing the clients core technologies utilizing fine ceramics and promoting active engagements with potential partners to co-create products in the field of medicine, environment and next-generation vehicles.
The brief called for a reception, lounge and exhibition space within a typical open plan office space surrounded by meeting rooms and a VIP room. The distinguishing feature of the facility is an exhibition space contained within a multifaceted glass enclosure inserted into a rigid rectilinear space. Several triangular voids generated between the contrasting forms serves as functional corridors and establishes its dynamic identity. Within the exhibition space, 9 bespoke display tables lined with gravel infused plaster evokes the raw state of ceramic. The clients core technologies are explained and illustrated in detail through AR-capable tablets and large-scale video projection. Level of privacy required for various scenarios are controlled though electrochromic films applied to all glass surfaces within the facility.
The principal proposition of the project is to propose a distinctive spatial composition that attempts to break the rigid image of a conventional working environment. The multifaceted crystalline form of the exhibition space generated voids that possessed great flexibility and make reference to the client’s corporate identity of crystallizing ceramic at a nano scale.
Aggregate infused acrylic screen welcomes visitors at the entrance
A distinctive spatial compositionin rigid working space
Entrance to the multifaceted exhibition space
9 bespoke display tables showcasing the clients core technologies
Characteristic exhibition space in full view from surrounding meeting rooms
Difference in lighting colour temperature creates the transition from formal to informal areas
The corridors surrounding the exhibition space forms a transparent cloister
Bespoke display tables lined with gravel infused plaster evokes the raw state of ceramic
Dramatic transition from formal to informal spaces
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