The suspended ceiling grid reflected onto the spark plug encased glass floor
Venture Lab Silicon Valley  
Client NGK SPARK PLUG 世界のテック企業が集積するシリコンバレーの中心地サンタクララ市に、セラミック企業の次世代の技術開発を推進するインキュベーション施設を計画した。この施設では企業のコア技術であるファインセラミックスにおける、医療、環境、エネルギー、次世代自動車等の分野を中心に、主にベンチャー企業との協業を通してセラミック技術の可能性を広げることを目的としている。
Venture Lab Silicon Valleyでは、企業が元来備えた安定した生産能力とベンチャー企業の革新性を融合させることで、ものづくりの新たな大地を創造し、未来の社会課題に対してソリューションを持続的に提供していく施設を目指している。
Program Exhibition Space+Office
Location Santa Clara, California
Completion 2019.07
Area 800 sqm
Management Hakuhodo
Direction Hakuhodo Product's
Collaboration Kakizoe Architects
Exective Arch LPA
Contractor The Core Group
Lighting Sugio Lighting Office
Graphic Token Graphics
Photo Anna Nagai
    Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Venture Lab Santa Clara is a 800㎡ facility that represents the clients forward-looking commitment to the co-creation of new products with emerging start-ups. It sheds light to the possibility of fine ceramics by showcasing the clients core technologies applied in the field of medicine, environment, energy and next generation vehicles.
At the entrance, the company’s history of extensive experimentation with fine ceramics is celebrated in the form of a bespoke feature screen abstractly representing the origins of ceramic as a raw material. As daylight reaches the 11m wide aggregate infused acrylic screen, the entrance lobby floor is filled with an exquisite interplay of light and shadow. Within the lobby, an introductory video describing the corporate history and its future vision is projected onto a large motorized sliding wall. Once the video ends and the wall slide open, an expansive exhibition space dramatically appears before the visitors. Above the exhibition space, a two-foot square suspended ceiling grid resembling a surveying technique utilized on excavation sites spans the entire space to provide order and act as guides for the visitors to navigate through the open field. 18 purpose-made display tables aligned to the grid showcasesabroad spectrum of extraordinary technology developed by the company over the course of its history. A tablet is utilized to determine the visitor’s field of interest and programmed lighting seamlessly guides them to the relevant displays. The tablets with AR capability assist visitors to obtain a deeper understanding of the technology at a nano scale and its contents are projected onto a 20m wall to be shared with larger groups.
The collaboration lounge at the end of the exhibition space is an informal area reserved for visitors and staff to exchange ideas related to future collaborations and becomes the bedrock for advancement in ceramic based technology. The adjacent share office and workshop is dedicated for start-ups and the aim is to generate a healthy cycle from conception to prototyping.
Visitors welcomed by a 11m wide aggregate infused acrylic screen
18 display tables showcases a broad spectrum of ceramic based technologies
Area for initial engagements with potential startups
The expansive exhibition space surrounded by rich greenery
The shadows created from the tress outside brings elements of nature into the exhibition space
The collaboration lounge at the end of the exhibition space reserved for exchanging ideas
The share office and workshop dedicated to start-ups
A two-foot square grid provides order and assists navigation for visitors through the open field
Virtual tour of the factory in Japan projected onto a 20m wide wall
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