Katagiri Architecture+Design Katagiri Architecture + Design is a multidisciplinary design team founded in 2014 with the aim of addressing contemporary designs with site specific issues in architecture through materials, proportion and order of elements to create a dialogue between architecture and its surrounding environment.
KAD’s approach is to carry simultaneous investigation and study in macro urban scale to micro material scale to respond specific needs in place.
In this spirit, we embrace challenges to a diverse range of work from art installations to urban planning projects across cultural, residential and commercial uses.
片桐 和也

Kazuya Katagiri

2017 Studio 3A (Japan/Mexico/Germany) 共同企画 2017 Co-Organizer, Studio 3A (Japan/Mexico/Germany)
2015 東京大学建築学専攻 隈研究室 学術専門支援職員 2015 Program Associate at The University of Tokyo Kengo Kuma Lab
2014 kad | katagiri architecture+design 設立 2014 Founder, kad | katagiri architecture+design
  工学院大学建築学部建築デザイン学科 非常勤講師   Adjunct Instructor at Kogakuin University
2010 隈研吾建築都市設計事務所 勤務 2010 Worked at Kengo Kuma & Associates
2009 Universidad de Monterrey 非常勤講師 2009 Adjunct Instructor at University of Monterrey
2007 Lopez_Katagiri ARCHITECTS (Mexico) 共同設立 2007 Founding Partner, Lopez_Katagiri ARCHITECTS (Mexico)
  イリノイ工科大学建築学部修士課程 修了   Master of Architecture, Illionois Institute of Technology
2004 工学院大学工学部建築学科 卒業 2004 Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture, Kogakuin University
1981 長野県 生まれ 1981 Born in Nagano
受賞 Award
2020 Architectural Record誌 Record Interior 2020 2020 Architectural Record Record Interior 2020
2019 FX Awards 入選 [Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata] 2019 Distinction FX Awards [Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata]
  AICA施工例コンテスト 特別賞 [Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata]   Special Mention AICA Awards [Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata]
  Steinwache Dortmund Competition (Germany) 2等   2nd Prize Steinwache Dortmund Competition (Germany)
2017 Wallpaper誌 Architects' Directory 2017 2017 Wallpaper Architects' Directory 2017
モンペリエ国際建築フェスティバル 最優秀賞 [Paper Cave] Prix du Jury FAV Montpellier Competition [Paper Cave]
  DSA日本空間デザイン賞 金賞 [Shi-An]   Gold Prize Japan Design Space Award [Shi-An]
  JID Award 2017 インテリアプロダクト部門賞 [Shi-An]   Interior Product Award JIA Award 2017 [Shi-An]
  JID Award 2017 インテリアプロダクト部門賞 [Trus(s)tool Wall]   Interior Product Award JIA Award 2017 [Trus(s)tool Wall]
Rethink the Future Award 2017 最優秀賞 [Shi-An] 1st Prize Rethink the Future Award 2017 [Shi-An]
  WAN Small Spaces Award 入選 [Shi-An]   Distinction WAN Small Spaces Award [Shi-An]
  三重県建築賞 入選 [LOVEST well]   Mention Mie Architecture Award [LOVEST well]
2016 京都デザイン賞 大賞 [Shi-An] 2016 Grand Prize Kyoto Design Award [Shi-An]
  Taipei International Design Award 公共空間設計類優選 [Shi-An]   Distinction Taipei International Design Award [Shi-An]
  DSA日本空間デザイン賞 入選 [LOVEST well]   Mention Japan Design Space Award [LOVEST well]
2015 Arlfeld Community Center Competition (Germany) 2等 2015 2nd Prize Arlfeld Community Center Competition (Germany)
隈研吾建築都市設計事務所 担当物件 (2010-2014) Kengo Kuma & Associates Projects in charge (2010-2014)
2014- Vanves市 集合住宅計画 2014- Vanves Condominium
2010- Victoria & Albert Museum at Dundee 2010- Victoria & Albert Museum at Dundee
2010- 中国美術学院博物館 2010- China Accademy of Arts

藤井 彩加 Ayaka Fujii
渡辺 顕人 Kento Watanabe
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